I review TV episodes on ImmersifyMe.com, currently, I am working my way through the most recent season of Outlander and you can find those reviews and any other shows I end up working with here

One of my short stories was selected to be published in the Winter 2017 issue of Midwestern Gothic. The story was titled “The Town Witch,” and is about the pervasiveness of gossip in small Midwest towns and how it can change the lives of those it touches. An excerpt:

“The morning started with stares from his new classmates and whispers that stopped as soon as he sat down. After eating lunch with his younger sisters he sat in his pod of desks.
“My brother said no one has seen her in years,” one of the boys finished saying before he realized that Tyler was pulling out the chair for his desk. Tyler looked around the group and took a deep breath. He knew that if he didn’t talk now it would be a long year sitting with the group.
“No one has seen who?” He asked.
The table exchanged glances, before the girl Sarah leaned in.
“The witch.”
“The witch?”



Awesome Mitten is a blog dedicated to the great state of Michigan, and all of the things about it that make it awesome. I wrote pieces about all of the wonderful and hidden things to do in the northwest region of the state.

SStartup Grind logotartup Grind Lansing is an event series seeking to educate, inspire, and connect members of the entrepreneurial community in the greater Lansing area. I filled a number of roles within the organizing team for the time that I worked with them. I wrote blog posts about our events, created a press release to advertise a visit from a Bitcoin expert, and ran successful email marketing campaigns for each of our events.

The process of writing blog posts for each of our events began well before the event when I researched each of our speakers to tell our email subscribers what to expect from the event. Usually, in doing this I was able to get a rough idea of what angle to take in summarizing the talk. With Mary Ellen Sheets I learned how Two Men and a Truck took off, and with the right attitude turned into a multimillion dollar company. While at the event I focused on how she told her story and what she thought the most important steps along the way were. By focusing myself ahead of time I was able to write this blog post which shared all of Mary’s tips for entrepreneurs for people who missed the event, or people who wanted a recap.

I also ghost wrote a blog post for our events with Tom Salisbury, Matthew Roszak, and Tiffany Dowling.

For one of our events, we had Bitcoin expert, Matthew Roszak come to town. We wanted to generate lots of buzz around this event and fill the room. To do this I composed a press release to send out to the media within Lansing. An interview before the event was aired on the local radio, and by Michipreneur (a Michigan entrepreneurial newsletter) picked up the story from this press release.

Throughout my time with Startup Grind Lansing I was constantly working on email marketing campaigns for our events, and trying to develop new ways to keep our emails from going into the spam folders of our members and to keep them engaged in reading from the start to end. I opened all of my emails with information about what the next event was going to be to increase excitement, followed by an inspirational quote, an article about entrepreneurship, and an opportunity for members to learn more about each other, to take networking outside of the events and to build our startup community.


queer imageAs a member of the LGBT* community the word queer has always interested me, how it’s used and the reclaiming of this word drove me to compose an essay about all of the different things that this word means, and all of the ways that it has been used over the years and how it has been reclaimed by some members of the queer community, and why others refuse to use it. Read the essay here


they imageThe politics surrounding the use of a singular they have always existed, but in the recent years with the rise in recognition of the different gender identities, it seems the interest in the use of the singular they has grown. As a firm believer in descriptivist grammar, in this essay, I discuss how the usage of words affects their meaning, and that a plural can always be used as a singular when gender is not specified.  For my research in this piece, I scoured pieces of the English literary canon, dictionaries, grammar blogs, and people in everyday conversation to defend the usage of the singular they in any capacity. Read the essay here