I am a reader, a storyteller, a writer, an editor. 

I used to sleep with a night light, not because I was scared of the dark, but so that sometime after the rise of the moon, before I could fall asleep I could crawl out of my bed and curl up on the ground next to it to read by its feeble glow. After devouring Harry Potter, The Babysitter’s Club, or The Secret Garden, I would drift into a fitful sleep until morning. These memories have shaped me as a person and built a desire to take part in creating books that will keep people up well past bedtime reading by the light of their nightlight

Before I could even read, I’ve had an overwhelming urge to tell stories. To shape the world as I see it, to see it as other people do, and to build new worlds. By telling stories and shaping worlds I’ve gained an understanding of structure, that everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end. That people need to be compelled with what is being said to keep listening. I know how to grab attention and keep it.

As soon as my fingers could wrap around a pencil and scratch out the pieces of the alphabet that I was learning, I began writing these stories down. My control and confidence in creating letters out has graduated to a pen, and the stories have changed. But the desire to write anything and everything down has not changed. I want to compel people with the written word, I want to change the world, not just shape new ones.

When editing these parts of who I am come together and help me understand a piece as a reader, to find the story of the piece, and to help shape it into exactly what it wants and needs to be to change the world. I believe that editing starts with the author and ends with the reader. I must act as a liaison between the author and the intended reader. It is my job to bridge the gap between the two of you.